What We Do

Honouring the sacred sentiment of Remembrance,
while serving, promoting and acting

Housing & Community


The Legion is the largest not-for-profit developer in BC of affordable, assisted housing for veterans and seniors.

Here are a few examples of how the Legion is working to ensure veterans & seniors have access to safe, affordable housing:

  • Cockrell House for homeless veterans
  • Wheelchair-accessible projects
  • Fire & Rescue Equipment

Since 1956, the Legion in BC has provided affordable housing to thousands of veterans and seniors. Today, the Legion operates over 4,500 units in 70 facilities with a community investment of approximately $94 million.

Assisted living accommodation has also been constructed (or is under construction) by Legion branches and arms-length Housing Societies within BC/Yukon Command totalling approximately 1,100 units, with many more on the drawing board.

Affordable and Assisted Living Housing

Official List of Legion Housing (updated 2015)

Winch House

The Poppy Residences

New Chelsea Society


Here are a few examples of how the BC/Yukon Command Legion Foundation is contributing to the health & longevity of British Columbians:

  • Geriatric Research
  • Professional Training of Geriatric Physicians & Nurses
  • Educational Funding for rural doctors
  • MRI machines
  • Operating room equipment
  • Emergency room lights
  • A special focus on getting rural communities the medical equipment they require