What We Do

Honouring the sacred sentiment of Remembrance,
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How We Help

Veteran Support and Services

Need help? That’s what the Legion was built to do. The Legion’s Veteran support services has been a pillar of the organization since it was founded in 1926. Our services are offered free-of-charge to all Veterans and their families regardless of whether or not they are members of the Legion. Generally speaking, we offer two avenues of assistance:

Assistance with Disability Claims through Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)

The Legion’s Command Service Officers have training in the disability claims process and are empowered by a Memorandum of Understanding with VAC to act as advocates. The Command Service Officer can offer advice and representation to any Veteran seeking benefits through Veterans Affairs Canada. Each year, our Provincial Command Service officers submit nearly 200 applications for disability benefits to VAC on behalf of Veterans and their families.

If you or someone you know needs guidance or assistance in accessing disability benefits through Veterans Affairs Canada, please contact a Command Service Officer. Alternatively, you can speak with a Service Officer at your local Legion branch for a referral to a Command Service Officer.

Emergency Financial Assistance through the Poppy Fund

Approximately 18 million poppies are distributed by Legionnaires, Veterans, and Cadets across the nation annually. The proceeds are placed in trust to be used in support of Veterans and their dependents. Through these Poppy Fund donations, the Legion provides emergency financial assistance to Veterans and their families who are in distress.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any person who is serving or who has honourably served in the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP and their dependents;

  • Merchant Navy personnel who have been awarded campaign stars or decorations and their dependents;
  • Ex-service personnel of Commonwealth countries and their dependents who are resident in Canada; and
  • Ex-service personnel of allied countries and their dependents who are resident in Canada.

How can I apply?

Complete the Benevolent Fund Application Form

Contact your local Legion Branch

If you have trouble contacting the local branch, contact a Command Service Officer

Please note: a financial means-test will be conducted and you may be asked to provide substantiating documents such as a proof-of-service document, a recent tax assessment, and a quote or invoice for service or item sought.  Further documentation may be requested as dictated by the particulars of the application.


Downloadable Forms 

Legion Claim Form – Download here
Benevolent Fund Application Form – Download here
Poppy Fund Request for Assistance Form – Download here