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Gordon Quan – Legion Member Highlight

News Round Up

Gordon QuonIn WWII, Gordon Quan fought for Canada without the right to vote. The Chinese-Canadian and other ethnic contributions to the war effort, could not be ignored. As a result, policies on immigration, citizenship, and voting rights were all updated after WWII. Although those changes were made it was still difficult for visible minorities to find professional work such as a doctor, lawyer or engineer.  Our workforce today is much more diverse thanks, in part, to trail blazers like Mr. Quan, who was the first Chinese person to work for the City of Victoria. Gordon Quan has been a member of the the Britannia Branch #7 since 1983.

“When I was in the army, no discrimination I face. I was the first Chinese person who worked for the city of Victoria,” said Quan. “If I wasn’t a veteran, I’d never get that job back then.”

– Gordon Quan (source: This Chinese-Canadian fought in WWII and battled racism on Home Soil ->)

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