The Royal Canadian Legion/BC Yukon Command is a non-profit organization consisting of 147 Branches, 67 Ladies' Auxiliaries and nearly 44,000 members. We are one of the foremost and most respected community service organizations in Canada, serving veterans, ex-service personnel, seniors, youth and many aspects of community life.

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BC/Yukon Command announces Legion Week 2018 events across BC/Yukon Open houses, parades, BBQs, concerts, bouncy ca…

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Legion Week – Right Around the corner!
Legion Week 2018 starts on Friday and we’d love for you to be a part of it! It runs from June 22-28, and it’s a time when we invite our friends, neighbours, business partners and civic leaders to visit local Legions to learn more about what we do in the community. You...

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Legion Week – Right Around the corner!
Celebrate Legion Week With Us
The Royal Canadian Legion names National Silver…
For the Fallen
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